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Raise the Age Requirements for COPPA Compliance

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Currently the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, also known as COPPA, protects the information of children 12 and under. Meaning that platforms only have to label themselves as 13+ to start collecting data from children. That data is then sold to 3rd parties and children are being targeted with ads. We don't believe that any child's data should be sold, whether they are 12 or 13 it makes no difference. And the truth of the matter is that children younger than 13 are gaining access to social media platforms, and their data is being sold.

We propose that the age for COPPA compliance includes and protects users up to 16 years old.

  • An estimated  two thirds of all 10 year olds have some form of social media account
  • Eighth-graders who spend 10 or more hours a week on social media are 56% more likely to say they are unhappy
  • Teens who spend more that 3 hours a day on electronic devices are 35% more likely to have a risk factor for suicide
  • 48% more girls say they feel left out because of what they see their friends and classmates participating in via social media 
  • A UK poll of 11-21 year olds, 36% of them said their biggest online worry was grooming
  • 65% of 8-14 year olds have been involved in a cyberbullying incident
  • 96% of teens use at least one social media platform
  • 69% of teens regularly receive online communications from strangers
  • 52% of 8-16 year olds admitted to ignoring Facebook’s age restrictions 

Join us by signing this petition to protect our children from big corporations buying their information and selling them back information that feeds their fears and negativity.

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