Demand Councilman Dale Black to Resign from Mauldin City Council

Demand Councilman Dale Black to Resign from Mauldin City Council

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Councilman Dale Black who chairs committees and is also Mayor Pro Tem shared racists posts on his Facebook page recently.  Despite several meetings with Pastors, leaders in the Upstate, and the Mayor and City Council; he refuses to resign.  The Mayor and Council also voted not to ask him to leave his seat.  We do not need an elected official in his position who has these thoughts/feelings and expresses them on social media.  An elected official cannot be objective with these beliefs that were shared.

Mauldin is a city with diverse residents and business owners.  I have lived here for 21 years, and my Grandparents built here in the 70s.  It has always been a home to me with people who love and look out for their neighbor, regardless of skin color.  I now have a two year old, and I want this city to continue to be the place where we come together, love, and support one another.

Mr. Black probably doesn't feel his posts were racist, but he doesn't get to decide that something racist and offensive to our friends of color is not.  We must listen and support the black community.  

Although Mr. Black now says he is regretful for his posts, we cannot let these types of actions go without consequences.  Please sign this petition asking Councilman Black to resign and the Mauldin City Council and the Mayor; Terry Merritt, to demand Dale Black's resignation.