Postponement of Final Year Semester Examination

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The situation in our state is going to worst day by day, the pandemic COVID-19 seems to be unending, as it continues as a chain reaction. So during this period it is impossible for each and every student to sit for exam and that is the issue for physical and mental setup. Now I would like to draw your attention to the following matters which can become the most uncertain things during the pandemic.
1) Transport system (train, bus, taxi cabs, etc) this system should be regularised for the conduction of any exam or anything. We can't predict when this will be regularised as the previous time. So why exams? Further who guarantees that social distancing will be perfectly maintained? Moreover, if in this kind of situation, the exam is going to happen then who will take the responsibility of the students who will become late for the exam because of the inconvenience of the transport system.
2) Communication system: one of the main issues that is the obstacle to conduct exam, the internet is the last option but not the least and govt need to upgrade their views on this category. So why exams? Suppose, a student is giving exam and suddenly, the internet gets disconnected. So, who will be responsible for this kind of incident? Because it is not the fault of any student. For this disconnection, the student can get disqualified or can’t complete the whole question paper in time. So, why exam?
3) Lack of study material: As we know the lockdown situation starts suddenly, so most of the students didn't but the book for this semester. And, if you are going to tell us about the online study, then it is again all about the internet. As there are a huge number of red zones in Kolkata and Howrah and all sides, high-speed internet is not available in those areas. So watching a youtube video and all is not possible for all the students. And the students, who live in rural area, they do not have high-speed internet as always. So why exam?
4) Final Year Project: We all know there is a final year project, grand viva(in which all the departmental subjects of whole B.Tech. will be asked) are there in the practical section. And in the CSE and IT stream, there are other practical projects are there in the syllabus. For doing this kind of project, they need to do it by consulting with each other and with other educated people who know the subjects well for better co-operations. So in this situation, no one can help students in their problems regarding these projects because if he or she can’t see the problem with his eyes, he can’t understand the problem. Because the size of these kinds of projects are always huge. And for Mechanical and ECE students, they require many parts which must be bought from shops. But in this lockdown, shops are not open except for the essentials. So, why exam?

Under this kind of situation, I have some sincere suggestions about taking the final semester. They are-
1) Exams should be conducted at least one month or more after this lockdown or when the situation will be under control. Because - students should get a proper time to make their projects and preparation for the final semester. Because whether lockdown is going to be extended or not is declared on the last day of the previous lockdown. So suddenly, if our honorable PM Narendra Modi declares that lockdown is not going to be extended, then the students will not get the adequate time of preparation. So students should get at least 30 days or more to get prepared with proper classes or full-fledged internet, with the help of which, students can do online study.
2) The transport system should be regularised as previously before lockdown, then only students can give the exam properly. Otherwise, there will be a huge number of cases that students are getting late for the exam. And we all don't want any student become a victim of an accident during going to college in a hurry, because of the less number of public transport.

So we, all the students of MAKAUT final semester students, are making a humble request to make a decision which will be a student-friendly decision. Like-
1)You can take a short exam after 1 month of lockdown, and then from that marks you can take 50% and another 50% will be taken from the internal exam or from the previous semester(2nd, 3rd-year exams).
Lastly, if there is any offensive statement made by us or any kind of grammatical mistakes, then we are extremely sorry for that because this petition belongs to the matter linked with the current situation and hopefully you understand the pressure and mental setup of a candidate.

Regarding consciousness with the hope of the best decision,

Thanking yours,
Final year students of all colleges under MAKAUT.