Mural For Axle

Mural For Axle

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Emma Douglas started this petition to MattyBro_Art

Hey Everyone. You may remember Gemini and I from our petition to ‘Save Hero’ the Staffy. Well today, Bella and I are here today to highlight another ‘Hero’... Axle the Fidget Spinning Dog. 
I’m petitioning to hopefully get the very talented MattyBro_Art to do a mural of Axle. 
Axle is a very extraordinary Staffy. His achievements to date are as follows; 

Since 2017 to now......
* world first 3 fidget spinning dog
* viral video to over 14 million ppl in 2 days
* 1st ever Australian dog to appear on Pizza Hut Commercial in Sth America
* Most interview appearances on tv for a dog.
-Today show
-Good Friday Appeal
-Morning Show
-Studio 10
* regular appearance on TV Series - Pooches at Play
* numerous newspaper articles
* 1st ever celebrity dog to be invited to visit sick children for the Good Friday Appeal.
* Australian ambassador for the Staffordshire Breed.
* Helped Save Hero the Staffy from being PTS.
* Ambassador for Stafford Rescue Victoria. Encourages Adopt don't Shop.
* Ongoing Voluntary appearances for SRV, Dog Shows/Live Events
* Modeling Dog Clothing
* Only dog to have a Personal Agent.
* Educates people and promotes positive staffy awareness 24/7!!!!
* Mixes with the celebrity stars.
* Only dog to regularly raise funds for the Good Friday Appeal.
* Only dog to of ever raised funds for the Bushfire affected Wildlife from worldwide Followers, volunteers and encourages people to donate medical supplies & goods needed for Bushfire victims through social media posts.
*known for his WorkSafe photos.

2020 plans... some confirmed, some yet to be confirmed.

* Being part of a book launch
* Tv Series
* Ambassador for a well known National pet adoption company.
*Possible appearance on a well known National Calendar...
* Modeling more dog clothing.
* Promoting Pet Adoption for huge Pet Company.
* Special Guest for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal
*Axle is the only Dog in Australia to of been Hosted while on a visit to Sydney to appear on the Morning Show.
-harbourside cruises gave him the whole luxury catamaran for an hour to take harbour /opera house photos
* Big Bus Tours in Sydney took a Bus off service and gave him a whole bus to go on a city tour for photos
* chystalbrook hotek gave him 5 star accomodation

AND if that wasn’t impressive enough, 95% of all of this is done Voluntarily to show everyone how misunderstood the Staffy Breed really is.

As you can see by the above, Axle is an incredible dog, but he is more than that, he is a hero to so many. Myself and Gemini included. 

Axle puts smiles thousands of faces through his Social Media every day. To check out his daily happenings, please see his social media names below. 

Instagram : axles_staffygram 

Facebook: @axlesworkshop

Please sign this petition in the hopes of getting a mural done of Axle, not only is he of such a misunderstood breed, he is an avid volunteer and deserves some recognition of his amazing work he has done so far in his life, with so much more on the horizon! 

MattyBro_Art, PLEASE do a mural of this amazing boy! 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!