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Change the Democratic Party

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The Democratic party was just dealt a crippling blow in the general election against Donald Trump. It is our belief that this shows a failure of leadership and an unwillingness to change with the times. In order to move forward from here and make the Democratic party strong again, we make the following demands.

  1. The removal of Donna Brazile as (interim) chair of the DNC.
  2. Abolish all forms of super delegates.
  3. A fund to help those democratic candidates running without corporate donors.

When Donna Brazile shared debate questions with her preferred candidate she subverted democracy and acted unethically and with self interest. This reflects badly on the democratic party, CNN, and the people of the united states in general. It is inconceivable that she should remain the head of the DNC.

Super delegates go against the very core of a democratic process. No person should have a vote that counts as much as that of thousands of other people. There is no justification, no good reason to retain them. We demand that they are immediately abolished in any way, shape or form.

It's become obvious that people are drawn to candidates who are not sponsored by major corporations. It creates a clear conflict of interest and people loose faith that their candidate still retains their best interest at heart. As such we demand that the DNC start a new fund to which people can donate, specifically designed to aid those Democratic candidates who are running without corporate sponsorship.

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