SAY NO! Golden Plains shire want to restrict animal ownership

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Using Local Law 2, Golden Plains Shire wants to restrict the amount and type of live stock you can keep on your property. For example if you want over 4 horses on 14 acres, you will need a permit.  But if you wanted 4 horses, 2 cows and 3 sheep, that would be fine.  There is no delineation between horses and ponies, just a blanket number.  This shows immediately the lack of understanding of animal husbandry!

The majority of people that move out to the country areas of regional Victoria, do so for the space and the lifestyle.  Our animals are a part of that. We all want what is best for our animals, but the blanket statements within Local Law 2 review, do NOT meet with the Governments Code of Practice Guidelines.

  • “Local Law No. 2 – General Public Amenity
  • The objectives of Local Law No. 2 ‘General Public Amenity’ is to provide a safe and healthy environment for residents of Golden Plains Shire. It also helps ensure residents are given an opportunity to enjoy a quality of life that enhances their well-being whilst protecting a range of public assets and values. This is achieved through a variety of clauses that regulate, prohibit, facilitate or place controls over a wide range of activities.“ View the table of restrictions here

With absolutely no reasoning behind such restrictions on all animals from chickens through to horses, we need to be united and stand up and say NO GPS we do not accept this law, and reject your proposals!

you can also leave feedback for the council by following this Link