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Reverse the unilateral and unfair implementation of cuts to Current bank pay rates.

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Bank workers and GMB members do not accept the Trusts arguments that these wage cuts will be beneficial or equitable to Trust employees, although we do agree though that there are massive inequality’s in pay within the Trust; from the £14,298 at the bottom of band 2 to the £98,453 at the top of band 9.1. However simply cutting the salaries of workers towards the bottom of the pay scale will and can only lead to actually increasing the inequality between the highest and lowest paid. It therefore seems spurious by the trust to suggest that the proposed reduction in bank rates is an attempt to address pay inequality, rather than it actually being nothing more than a cost cutting exercise, and that if the Trust was really serious about addressing pay inequality then it should be looking at ways of raising the bandings of its lower paid employees, not lowering them.‎  


For staffs that are effectively on a zero hour’s contract, (ie; they rely on bank work entirely for their income), the Trust should consider why there are in the region of 8% posts vacant across the Trust. We would suggest this is due to low morale, overwork, inadequate resourcing the consequent of which is the resulting stressful relations between employees and their managers.

It is for these reasons that staff sometimes feel that they cannot continue to work in a substantive position, and therefore opt for the insecure and potentially vulnerable option of bank work, if they do not simply leave the NHS for good.

We do not believe these issues will be addressed or improved by reducing the income of the workers trying to cover the ensuing shortfalls in service provision, often in objectively difficult circumstances.

If the Trust is serious about filling substantive posts then it should offer staff rates of pay, working conditions and staffing templates, which will attract good candidates to post and encourage them to stay. After all isn't that the very argument used by the trust for paying the chief executive a salary in the region of £180,000?


We believe the Trust's attempt to cut costs by further impoverishing it's staff will have a detrimental effect on recruitment and retention, sickness levels, and will continue the process of running down of the NHS; a process which the government has embarked upon, with its schedule of £20 billion of cuts, because it wishes to dismantle it and transfer it to the private sector. These proposed cuts in wages are in effect a part of that same process, and we feel it would be naive to believe that the Trusts' attempts to reduce its labour costs will only stop with reducing bank rates.



The GMB does not believe there should be any cuts in pay, staffing or service provision in the NHS, and we oppose all privatisation.

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