Save Simon on death row

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While we were on vacation in August 2017, a teenage neighbor cut through our fence with wire cutters and came into the yard to retrieve a lacrosse ball. At the time our dog Simon was in the yard with the dog sitter. He came into our yard holding a lacrosse stick up in a threatening way as if he was going to hit our dog or the sitter.  In defense of the sitter and himself Simon bit the teen in the leg, and chased him back to the property line. Unsure of her rights, the dog sitter turned Simon over to animal control for quarantine, even though Simon is registered and up to date with all vaccines, the town technically had no right to take him at that point (no due process). The city held a secret meeting, a violation of the open meeting law, at which neighbors complained about his breed. They ordered that Simon be "destroyed". We are fighting the order, along with Connecticut's outdated laws that provide for no due process. CT does not have a one bite rule, so it does not seem to matter that Simon has never bitten anyone before, he was in his own yard and the neighbor destroyed our property in order to unlawfully trespass on our property and threatened harm. As noted in the police report the neighbor chanted “kill the dog, kill the dog” clearly indicating his intent.

By standing by their decision the town of Guilford is not only ignoring Connecticut law 22-357 that clearly protects Simon for defending his own home and family from intruders threatening harm, they are wasting taxpayer money and condoning unlawful trespass, destruction of property and threatening harm to homeowners and their pets thus leaving property owners with no rights on their own property.

Please write to: Selectmen's Office

Matthew T. Hoey III, First Selectman 31  Park Street, Guilford, CT 06437