Testing for COVID 19 in NHS medical professionals showing signs and symptoms

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Today  we have an ongoing crisis of fighting against the wide+spreading  coronavirus in the environment. It is rapidly intruding our lives and leaving us vulnerable,disabled  and many even dead. The NHS staff are facing it every passing minute and are trying to keep the general public and society safe from it.

NHS workers are the front line group of people who are at maximal exposure to coronavirus.  NHS workers like me have developed symptoms which range from mild to significant. We NHS workers are as vulnerable as the general public. We alike the general public have been following rules of home isolation and social distancing but we are still at high risk to get infected. 

My demand is to get the NHS staff tested before we are expected to return to work. It will help us learn our medical status in respect to harbouring the virus. It's unknown  depending on the symptoms whether it is a coronavirus or another illness  and it's unknown  for how long one can shed the corona virus if infected. We would benefit  if we are tested for covid after our isolation periods. This will help us know that we are uninfected by Corona, our patients and families are safe and we are safe to practise  and treat patients as per protocol. 

If we are safe we can make our patients safe and this I demand for the health of all doctors, nurses, trainees and all medical staff who are in this together.