Prevent the sale of potentially harmful substances and closure of suicide forums.

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Our family was torn apart by the loss of Joe, he was a son, brother, uncle and friend to many. Joe unfortunately struggled with his mental health and suicidal thoughts as family we helped him through his struggles but Joe found his way on to a suicide forum where it actively promotes suicide and allows members to discuss methods. One method that was promoted was to use a specific substance which is easily obtained online for only a few pounds and was referred as the peaceful way out on these awful forums. 

Our aim is to try and prevent the sale of potentially harmful substances, especially those promoted on suicide forums. Sales should not go ahead for small amounts and where they cannot ascertain the purpose of the purchase. We also aim to help prevent suicide forums being easily available especially to vulnerable people. These websites are harmful and actively promote method of suicide. 

With the backing of this campaign and the local authorities we can hopefully make a difference to someone’s life and to prevent anyone else going through what we have been through and still continue to do so. 

Joe requested that we carried on fighting for him and one of his wishes was that we help stop these websites.

We will keep fighting for him to help others.