Legalise & regulate cannabis for pregnant women who suffer Hyperemesis gravidarum

Legalise & regulate cannabis for pregnant women who suffer Hyperemesis gravidarum

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Medical cannabis is known for its ability to quell seizures, pain, anxiety/depression, severe sickness and nausea in chemotherapy patients as well as many other things. But it is a taboo subject when it comes to using cannabis during pregnancy to treat severe cases of hy- peremesis gravadirum and this needs to be addressed.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is not just ‘morning sickness’ it’s a serious condition many women suffer from during pregnancy and this can be life threatening to both mother and baby. HG is 1000x worse than the normal sickness and nausea women will experience during pregnancy.

Symptoms of HG include prolonged and severe nausea and vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, low blood pressure, extremely heightened sense of smell ,excessive salvia production and headaches, constipation from dehydration.

Because HG can cause dehydration there's also an increased risk of having a blood clot (deep vain thrombosis).

Unlike regular pregnancy sickness HG may not get better by 16 to 20 may not clear up completely until the baby is born. The nausea and vomiting can impact your life at a time when you were expecting to be enjoying pregnancy and looking forward to the birth of your baby. It can affect you both mentally and physically the symptoms can be very hard to cope with. Without treatment HG can also lead to further health problems , such as depression or tears to oesophagus. Severe sickness can be exhausting and stop you doing every day things like going to work or even getting out of bed . Not only that some women have sadly lost their babies due to this condition or have had no alternative to terminate a wanted pregnancy.

I have personally suffered with HG in 2 of my pregnancies, I was so severely ill I was admitted to hospital for treatment in my 1st HG pregnancy , I was prescribed several different medications but all failed to work for me. Struggling, I started to do my own research on other methods that could help me . I came across hundred's of forums on mothers using cannabis to treat HG , obviously this is illegal in the uk.

With myself and my unborn baby being starved from nutrition from not being able to keep any food or drink down for over a week and a high risk of losing my baby because all my medication failed me, I managed to get hold of some cannabis and rolled it in to a ciga- rette paper. I smoked 4 or 5 puffs and instantly the severe nausea feeling started to disappear. I went from being sick 10 to 15 times a day to 0 times a day when I smoked that small amount of cannabis. I was able to eat and drink like a normal person and keep it down.


I slowly started to put back on weight and my unborn baby was getting the nutrients she needed. I smoked cannabis every morning from 10 weeks pregnant to 25 weeks when my sickness finally subsided, 14 weeks later I gave birth to a healthy 6lb 2oz baby girl. She is now a very smart 3 years old with no health complications, infact, she is more forward for her age than my other children where at the age of 3. If it wasn't for cannabis she wouldn't of made it to the end of the pregnancy .

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd HG pregnancy. from week 6 I have suffered from severe sickness and nausea , weight loss , low blood pressure , dizziness and fainting episodes, this time round my HG has hit me 10x as hard than the last. I again tried several medications from my GP and they’ve all failed to work , I was so unwell I couldn't physically sit in a car and travel to my local hospital. I was so unwell I could hardly move my body ,everything I ate and drank came back up , every little smell made me sick , just sitting up would make me throw up, I was sick so much I started throwing up blood. My body was so weak I was unable to look after my children and my mental heath was deteriorating, I started feeling depressed. so again with my medication failing me and the physical and mental health of myself at risk as well as the risk of losing my unborn baby I started smoking cannabis. again the affect it had on me was amazing I was able to eat ,drink ,move around and do what a mother should be doing , look after the children not only that it helped stabilise my mental health.

I went against all medical and experts advise to save my babies and I am so glad I did , if it wasn't for cannabis my babies wouldn't be here now (one still growing healthy in the womb).

With the research I have done I have found no evidence to suggest that cannabis is harmful to an unborn baby, in fact it only has  benefits.

benefits that can save these babies lives and the mothers from any mental health issues. Cannabis has been a method mothers have used around the world to treat morning sickness/HG for centuries it has just never been spoken about publicly as its illegal. experts say that using cannabis in pregnancy can cause low birth weight , pretmature delivery, brain development issues and even still birth , yet I struggle to find these outcomes . Not one baby has ever been reported with these issues due to cannabis alone.

In fact the evidence that I did find only had benefits and a good impact on these babies, I refer to the Jamaican study that has followed 59 Jamaican children from birth to 5 years old, whose mothers used cannabis during pregnancy. Approximately one-half of the sample used cannabis during pregnancy and were matched with none-users according to age , parity and socioeconomic status. Testing the children was done at 1,3 and 30 days of age with the Brazelton neonatal behaviour assessment scales of children's Abilities.

Data about the child's home environment and temperament were collected from direct observations as well as from standardized questionnaires. The results show no significant differences in developmental testing outcomes between children of cannabis using and non-using mothers except at 30 days of age when the babies of users had more favourable scores on two clusters of the Brazelton scales: autonomic stability and reflexes. The development score at ages 4 and 5 years old were significantly correlated to certain as- pects of the home environment and to regularity of basic school (preschool) attendance .


More than 5,000 women from across the UK have shared their experience of HG with BBC News:

Most had considered terminating their pregnancy
One in three had thought of killing themselves
About three-quarters were left with long-term physical and mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression
More than one in three said their experience with their GP had been "poor"
Last year, UK hospitals saw more than 36,000 admissions for pregnant women needing urgent care because of extreme sickness and dehydration.


As that being said, I now need to talk about the medications that are currently being prescribed for sickness and nausea, and why I think cannabis should be used as a medicine if these fail expectant mothers.

Anti-sickness medications On the NHS website state “for safety” it is best to use these medications for the shortest period of time. 
we should be able to have an option between using natural medicine and pharmaceuticals. 

Using cannabis as a method to treat HG patients will save the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from admissions alone.

On the NHS check list for HG patients it states where all medication fails they're offered a termination of a wanted pregnancy, this can be prevented with the use of cannabis if legalised and regulated.


Cannabis needs to be legalised and regulated so expectant mums who suffer from hyperemesis can easily access THC legally and safely. This could be in several methods such as  oils, vapes ,inhaler and edibles.

Please help save these babies lives and these expectant mothers from future  mental health issues.

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