Give us PrEP in England!

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PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a pill that can protect users from HIV.

If used properly, it can be extremely beneficial to users and can allow a positive and negative partner to engage safely in sexual relations, without fear of contracting HIV.

How can I access PrEP? Well, it is currently available through NHS Scotland. NHS Wales have initiated a three year trial called 'PrEPARED' and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland are offering the drug through a project that will last two years - with no cap on numbers.

What about England? The drug is only available at selected clinics and is limited to 13,000 'high risk' individuals in England.

I believe that, due to the success of this drug, it should be provided to all those requiring it across the United Kingdom.

Currently a postcode lottery and poverty are limiting access, these factors should not determine whether or not a person can be effectively protected against HIV.

I hope that this petition garners popular support, so that we can achieve real change and build a brighter future by saving lives.

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