Freestyle for all Type 1 Diabetics

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Abbott Freestyle Libre's constant glucose monitoring Sensors were approved by the NHS business service authority in November 2017 for inclusion onto the Drug Tariff for NHS prescription subject to local health economy approval. Despite being authorised by the NHS Business authority for prescription, it is a postcode lottery for Type 1& Type 2 Diabetics and this business model is extremely shortsighted and unfair.

It is being managed purely on CCG's budget models as opposed to the welfare of patients with Type 1 & 2 diabetes. 

Constant Glucose Monitors allow people with diabetes who no longer produce insulin to understand their blood sugar levels over an 8 hour period, understanding if they are going hypo or hyper whilst they are asleep, if they are going low or high during the day so they can manage it quickly rather than wait for the illness to progress into life threatening symptoms. 

Prime Minister Theresa May who is a Type 1 diabetic uses a Abbott Freestyle Sensor and recognises the benefits of managing her diabetes through this life changing innovation. 

My youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 a year ago and the use of this sensor has helped him better manage this incurable illness and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Failure to offer Abbott Freestyle sensors to all does not identify the longer term health benefits of better management of this life long condition, which would positively impact on the NHS budgets in the future.  

For those whose CCG's will not prescribe, have to self fund and many cannot afford the £100 a month.  The cost to the NHS is considerably less than private purchases.   

Please sign my petition to change this protocol and make the sensors available to all.