Apology needed from Government for Mesh Injured Patients

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 Baroness Cumberlege said at the House of Lords meeting on 28th February 2019..

"...and when things do go wrong & avoidable harm is suffered the test of a good Health Care System,indeed of a good society,is our ability to listen, TO SAY SORRY, to learn, to provide the right care and redress".

Harm has been suffered at catastrophic levels leaving people bedridden,with damaged internal organs by a plastic device that sticks like chewing gum to hair and can't be removed without further harm.

The people need to hear someone say sorry, because the immense pain and internal damage is real & vile & not in anyone's imagination. Apology is the very least that can be done.

In 2009 I was injured by a mesh medical device inserted for mild SUI - a device I didn't even need - the device caused me the severest pain and injury, for life & 12" remains stuck internally - it disabled my legs & bladder,& ultimately I had to 'strike off' my wonderful career. I had pioneered the first Skin Clinic in Brixham, Torbay in 1979 - 30 years later it was all over due to my injuries.

My youngest daughter aged only 12  became my carer -& all I could do was stay in bed. In between bouts of severe crying with the agony in my pelvis I felt that the only thing I could do was adhere to my belief in caring for people and to study these dangerous medical devices in order to support others that were injured with my Support Group Action for Mesh Injured Patients.

In this petition I ask for that APOLOGY for all mesh injured patients that truly did suffer catastrophic & agonising harm from mesh devices. The Health Care System must listen & apologise.