Allow Key family members direct contact with their loved ones in residential homes.

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Michael Owen
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I have a 10 year old son who has been on lockdown in a residential setting since March. My son has severe disabilities, which require 24/7 care and is life-limiting. He would normally come home at weekends but due to Covid this hasn't been possible. 

We haven't been able to hold him or touch him now for over four months. After a slight easing of restrictions for a few weeks in July where we could see him at a distance of 2 metres once a week. We now aren't even able to do that due to Greater Manchester's increased measures. He is visually impaired and has significant cognitive complications. What he gets most out of is touch and a cuddle. As a mum it is heart wrenching to not be able to cuddle my son and a position I never thought imaginable. We aren't the only ones in this position, as well as parents of children, there are numerous families with elderly relatives in care homes. 

The staff at my son's residential are fantastic but we see staff being able to come and go from the residential setting and new staff starting. They are not on lockdown. So, I am asking that the Government allow immediate family members to be treated similarly to 'key workers' when it comes to visitation. That with the correct PPE they are allowed to be in direct contact with their loved one. The psychological effects this is having on those in residential settings and their families is immense and their wellbeing needs to be considered.