Raise Dandenong out of swamp politics, supporting Education, Employment and reducing crime

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David Daniel Ball
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A vote for David Daniel Ball will be a vote to improve education, increase employment and reduce crime

Education is the mainstay of hope for the future of Dandenong. But Victorian schools are failing badly by costing much and delivering little. The structure of schooling, with public and private schools, is robust, but challenged by the imposition of too much. Giving the responsibility of child rearing to schools is inappropriate. Schools excel at teaching and learning but fall apart and become dysfunctional when asked to do more. Let parents parent. Let schools let teachers teach. 

Employment gives dignity and direction to older youth and adults. A pay packet is much, much better than a welfare hand out. But businesses are tied with red and green tape, limiting employment. Allowing small business to profit will benefit the community much better than taxing them out of existence. 

Crime is rampant in Victoria under Dan Andrews ALP. Partly because of restrictions placed on policing that are not appropriate. Allow police to protect neighbourhoods. Less crime will mean a better community, and a better community experience.