Mattel: Relaunch the "My Design" Barbie website and dolls.

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Back in 1998 Mattel launched the "My Design" line of dolls. There was an accompanying website that allowed a person to choose doll face molds, hair colors and hair styles, eye color, skin order to design and personalize their own Barbie doll. There were clothing and accessory options. The person could name the doll and it would be shipped in a personalized box with certificate of authenticity. It was a great concept, and was successful...however, the line and website were discontinued a few years later. I think now would be a great time for Mattel to reintroduce the concept and line into the Barbie collector's community. There are so many body styles, face molds and ethnicities within the Barbie doll line these days that the design and styling options for such a doll would be virtually limitless. The relatively new sophistication connected with the Barbie brand could be employed with the line...i.e. with Model Muse bodies, articulation and repro face molds, etc. The dolls could be fantastic and even better than they were before. The interest in OOAK (One Of A Kind ) and custom made Barbie dolls is at an all time high right now. Mattel could capitalize on this popularity and also give those who do not paint/sew/style hair the opportunity to finally design their own doll...not to mention that children could create a doll that looks like themselves or just however they want the doll to look. Sign this petition to show Mattel that we are ready for the My Design concept again! 

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