Make Masters of the Universe Origins toys more racially diverse with new characters.

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With the relaunch of Masters of the Universe, I fear that we will have a lack of racial diversity within a toy line that can uniquely combine many different backgrounds and ideas into Mattel's "everything but the kitchen sink" toy line.

In 1985, Ms. Yla Eason launched a toy line called, Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun. Eason created this line to bring a positive role model to Eason's son, who is black. He wondered why none of the pegged character toys looked like him. In a search for toys that reflected his skin color, she found none. This is why Sun-Man was created. In many ways, Sun-Man action figures were like MOTU (Masters of the Universe). One big difference was that the main hero was black. Other races of characters would take the role of other heroes to help Sun-Man in his ultimate battle against the Pig-Headed villians. The Sun-Man toys brought a positive role model to Eason's son and other minority children who were not reflected in the toy aisle.

When I play He-Man with my son, what message am I sending him when there is no other race of characters for him to play with. There is no black representation in the line till we get to Clamp Champ and very little minority representation that doesn't promote stereotypes, for instance a character like Jitsu. In the mini-comics of the 80's there were many sad attempts to create diversity by representing the minority population, but no toys would be made and the reflections of the characters where again seen as stereotypes. Furthermore, there was no non-white representation that was as powerful as He-Man. What do we say to the children of color in America when they are never portrayed as a hero in toy form?

As I work with children of all races and backgrounds, many say that they don't buy toys because the toys out there are not for them. They feel that they don't have a good representation of who they are. Being a huge MOTU fan, I want to share my love of the toys and the good message that He-Man franchise brought in the cartoon, but how can one race deliver a message of goodness when he is not surrounded by equals of different skin tones? I know that there has been a push for racial diversity in the past, especially with the 2002 Masters of the Universe Toy Line. Making Zodak Black was a great change to acknowledge the lack of racial variety, but he was the only one in toy form in the end. In order for Masters of the Universe Origins to feel diverse, we need new characters that reflect a multitude of cultures and races.

It would be so exciting for Mattel to build a new segment in the history of equality by adding a powerful person of color as strong as He-Man to MOTU. It may open the doors for millions of boys and girls of different races to battle the forces of evil in their playtime. I am asking that Mattel produce race equality in the Masters of the Universe Origins using already tooled bodies that are being used. Mattel, are you willing to be at the fore front of that change?