Petition Update

The Message is Out There! We are Fighting for our Right to Party!

Karen Greene Braithwaite

Apr 3, 2013 — We are making local, national, and international news! Thanks to everyone who is tweeting Mattel directly, posting links of the numerous news stories on facebook and retweeting on Twitter. A supervisor in Mattel's Customer Service call center called me today (Really, Mattel?) She said she was surprised there were no party supplies with Barbies of color, despite the fact that Mattel sells them on their website. She also said it made her "sad" that moms are reporting on this petition that they declined to buy the products because they found them racially discriminatory. It's great that the higher-ups at Mattel are "discussing it" according to the DNAinfo article, but we want action. So yes, we have a response, but it's not an ANSWER! Let's keep up the good work, spread the word, and let Mattel know the time for change is now! (It was actually 2008, according to our President, but apparently Mattel missed the memo...) Note: You can follow me on Twitter @KGBraff4