Petition Update

Let's Get Ready!

Karen Greene Braithwaite

Mar 26, 2013 — Say it ain't so, Mattel! Rather than take responsibility for the content of the party supplies and use their position as the holder of the trademark, licensing rights, and seller of the products to do the right thing, Mattel has passed the buck to the companies they licensed to make the party supplies! Nevermind that the image of the brown girl surrounded by blonde/blue-eyed Barbie party supplies came from Mattel's own website where they sell the party products, and that Mattel uses the same images that appear on the party products on their doll packaging. And...we have the proverbial runaround! Well, let the games begin! Today we are over 1,500 strong and counting! Keep it up and pass it on! This is far from over, we've only just begun...and our numbers keep growing...