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Make your gift sets for children of all colors.

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Mattel sells many Barbie sets that only include Caucasian dolls. Non-Caucasian Barbies are usually sold individually. Yet sets are much cheaper than purchasing each toy separately and this forces non-Caucasian parents to pay up the three times as much for the same “set.” I believe that African-Americans, Latinos and Asian girls and boys should be allowed the opportunity to play with dolls that represent them as well as other races. Ask Mattel to make doll sets that represent all their customers, not just Caucasian ones.

I am a mother of three children, two girls and one boy and like many parents I like to find the best deals on toys for my kids on Black Friday. Every year I notice the incredible variety of dolls like Barbie and Ken offered in the aisles but only a few were anything other than White. I was frustrated from the lack of choice African-American, Latino and Asian children had.  

This Black Friday I knew exactly what I wanted. I had seen the Kohl’s Black Friday Barbie deal advertised and I knew my daughters would love them. This year it was a Barbie and Ken Mini Cooper set, usually $70.00 for only $25. I contacted Mattel to find out where I could find the set with Barbies of color. After several attempts Mattel finally responded saying that they didn’t make that set in any race but white, however if I really wanted it I could purchase the dolls separately.If it were that easy I wouldn’t be writing this petition.

The fact is that to purchase them seperately I would have had to pay between 25% to 3 times more than the set price. Every Christmas myself and many other parents of non-Caucasian girls and boys have to settle for a small variety of dolls with our skin color. The traditional Barbie dolls are packaged in attractive sets with cheaper prices and the rest of us are must make do with a pitiful selection of only the most basic models, find other gifts or simply pay extra for the same toy with a different skin tone.  

Mattel, America’s most famous doll maker, offers over 240 dolls on their website but only 9 of them are African American. Regardless of whether or not this is fair, I am not asking for Mattel to make an equal amount of dolls in each color, but I do think that it is reasonable to expect that special box sets are offered for each ethnicity at the same price. Parents should be able to choose Barbies that reflect their children’s image. Ideally things like the color of a dolls skin should not be an issue; however our country has a long history of marginalizing certain people and defining beauty in a certain way. Many children view dolls as the “ideal image” and if the only dolls a child of color has to play with are caucasian this can have a significant effect on how they view themselves. All colors are beautiful.

Whether you are a White, Black, Asian or Latino parent you understand the importance of having positive role models for your child. Its important for a child to see themselves as beautiful, smart and capable. I want my daughters to view themselves as equally as beautiful, capable and smart as their caucasian peers and one way to ensure that happens is making sure there are dolls that represent them. This Christmas, no matter what your color tell Mattel you think it’s important that every parent can choose a doll that represents their child. Tell Mattel to offer sets in every color.    


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