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Mattel, Inc: Recall Barbie Splash & Spin Dolphin Trainer, teach kids dolphin advocacy

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As the founder of The Whale And Dolphin People Project, I was shocked to see a television advertisement promoting a Mattel Barbie doll set called BARBIE® I CAN BE..™ Splash and Spin Dolphin Trainer Doll. Why did this toy provoke me into calling for this boycott? Because Mattel is educating children – 3 years of age and up – that being a dolphin trainer is a good and stylish career choice. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the 21st century, with so many intelligent cetacean advocates working hard to save the lives of dolphins and all cetaceans, it is shameful and mind boggling that Mattel has willfully chosen to destroy these life saving educational advances by using their world famous Barbie doll to teach children the wrong message about dolphins.

The future success or failure of life on this planet lives in the children of today, who will be the adults of tomorrow. The guidance - or lack thereof - that they receive now will determine the outcome of what they do when they take the reins. Will their decision making find its strength through accurate information that makes tomorrow's adults informed, intelligent, responsible, caring, and wise? Or will they be so influenced by disinformation that they carry on the same disastrous decision making behavior of the adults who came before them? When you have a huge corporation, like Mattel, using its toys - in this case their "Barbie doll" - to improperly influence the social consciousness and educational foundation of children, the disinformation through play and self imaging can and does have a devastating effect on how children perceive themselves and treat other people and life forms. In this case the life-forms are dolphins, and they need a new generation of children who will grow into adults who will not enslave them for human entertainment and profit, abuse them, hunt them, kill them, or consume them as a food product.

This is why signing this petition, and letting Mattel hear your voice, is so important. This isn’t just about a toy doll and some plastic dolphins. This is about corporate irresponsibility and the detrimental impact it is having on the life and welfare of dolphins, the children of today, and the adults of tomorrow.

Here is how Mattel markets this dolphin disaster Barbie toy:

“BARBIE® I CAN BE..™ Splash and Spin Dolphin Trainer Doll

Girls can pretend to be a professional dolphin trainer with this stylish Barbie doll and accessories! Just wind her up, place her and the two attached dolphins in water, and watch them swim and spin together!”

The truth is, that dolphins – as well as all cetaceans – are sentient, self aware, non-human persons who deserve the right to live free and wild. Dolphins in captivity, such as those who are trained to perform for humans, are forced to live unnaturally in small concrete pools. Their suffering is not just physical. It is emotional as well. Dolphin captivity is an act of enslavement and cruelty that should not be tolerated or allowed anywhere in the world.

There is a long and deadly documented history involving captive dolphins and their trainers. One of the most devastating and gruesome of these deadly events involved the Orca Killer Whale Tilikum and SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau. BTW, Killer Whales are not whales. They are the largest dolphin in the world, and Tilikum is the largest Killer Whale in captivity to date.

There is an even darker side to dolphin captivity, and that’s how these dolphins are acquired for aquarium shows. The dolphin performance business is directly tied into what is called the dolphin blood trade. Many captive dolphins were captured during cruel and deadly dolphin drive hunts, where thousands of dolphins a year are rounded up from the wild and hacked and stabbed to death. Prior to the massacre, some of these dolphins are separated out and sent to aquariums for very large sums of money.

Don’t be fooled by those aquariums which claim that they don’t get their dolphins from the dolphin blood trade, as if that somehow makes dolphin captivity acceptable. Not only is dolphin captivity not acceptable, but the very fact that aquariums have captive dolphin shows is the example of financial greed that keeps the dolphin blood trade market alive.

This is why The Whale And Dolphin People Project is calling for a BOYCOTT OF MATTEL TOYS AND BARBIE DOLLS until the company recalls its "Barbie Splash and Spin Dolphin Trainer Doll". In addition Mattel must apologize for its corporate ignorance and negligence concerning captive dolphins, as well as set up a funded worldwide educational program that teaches children that it is wrong to enslave dolphins and other cetaceans.

After signing this petition, please copy this petition and send it to Mattel and their executives. Encourage others to do the same.

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