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Diverse Dollies

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We would like to make a national change in children's dolls by including more diversity and representing different ethnicities. We want to do this because dolls throughout history are primarily limited to only white skin or caucasian ethnicity, which limits other skin colors and ethnicities. Many people take this as a racial offense because it perpetuates that white people are more dominant than the other races. We would like to change this idea by having a larger variety of ethnicities to show that everyone is equal, like the 14th amendment states.

Families all over America are affected by this, because kids who don’t have toys and dolls that represent them, they may believe that they are not important. Kids of today and many years ago have seen that dolls are targeted to primarily white people. This leads to racial offenses as they grow older. For example, they feel left out or they believe that their voices aren’t heard. They also tend to treat others differently because of how they look. We also want to reach out not only to mothers but also people of color. We want Mattel, a toy company, to produce dolls that have different ethnicities. Mattel mainly produces white dolls for kids and it doesn’t appeal to everyone. They should take action on this because it will appeal to a larger audience and gain support from them.

As female teenagers who want to make a change, we all remember playing with dolls that didn’t look like us, having these ‘perfect’ physical features that we could never obtain such as the skin color, hair color, the body type, and etc. Each one of us comes from different ethnicities/backgrounds which gives us different perspectives on racial issues. This makes us aware of many current racial issues that have affected us as kids until today. We are more knowledgeable about racial discrimination issues and would like to change children's perspectives so that they won’t grow up in a racist environment. While some consumers may oppose this idea and comment that “It’s just a toy”, this would bring awareness plus expose children to a cultural society.

Our purpose for this petition is to promote diversity amongst dolls. We want representation of ethnicity in all dolls. Having more representation means being viewed differently and not being looked down on. This could reduce racism and discrimination because it shows every ethnicity is equal.

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