Bring Barbie Movies Back To Their Original Standards

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Ramsha Khalid
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Dear Mattel,

First of all, I would like to thank you for making such wonderful movies that people of all ages can enjoy & learn something from. Barbie movies were a huge part of my childhood & classics like Barbie & the Diamond Castle, Barbie as the Island Princess, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper, The Barbie Diaries & many others will always have a huge place in my heart. The meaningful plot, the characters & their design & the fantastic songs with such well-written & relateable lyrics is what made these movies beyond brilliant. The movies used to be so well made & the storylines were always so original & well-thought-out. I still remember almost all of the songs from the 2001-2011 era & sing them all the time. In my opinion, these were not only great Barbie movies but one of the best animated movies ever made! But sadly, the more recent movies have lost their charm. I think I speak on behalf of millions hard core Barbie fans when i say that the newer Barbie movies are not even nearly as great or memorable as the older ones.

Barbie's design has changed so much over the years that she doesn't even look like Barbie anymore. She looks very plastic & doll-like now. Also, in some of the newer movies like Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, she looks more like a teen & not anything like the Barbie we all looked up to. Wasn't Barbie supposed to be in her early 20's or rather, just a young looking girl with no specific age?

The plot of the more recent Barbie movies has become very basic. What we don't understand is that why do the plots have to be so dumbed down now when the target audience has been children from the very start? Barbie movies can be so much more than what they've been reduced to. Children need more than just bright colors, sparkles & fashion. Barbie movies don't always have to be set in the modern times for them to be appealing either. We want them to grow up watching the kind of Barbie movies we grew up watching, the kind that inspired us, taught us to be brave & follow our dreams, taught us important lessons about friendship & love, made us believe in magic, the kind that left a mark, the kind that gave us timeless songs like Connected, Believe, I Need To Know, Free, This Is Me, Shine, On Top Of The World & many other gems just like it.
We need the classic Barbie back. Us fans miss her terribly. Barbie is more than just a doll for us... we need her amazing movies to cheer us up & inspire us. Please Mattel, bring Barbie movies back to their former glory & give us back the Barbie we all love & remember. There are so many of us out there desperately waiting for good Barbie movies to be produced again. Also, if at all possible, please bring back Kelly Sheridan as the voice actress of our beloved Barbie.

We really hope you consider what we have to say and understand how we feel.

Thank you!

~Barbie fans, if you feel the same way that i do, then PLEASE sign this petition & PLEASE share it as much as possible!