American Girl Our Generation Doll Diversity!

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My eldest daughter loves American Girl Dolls and Our Generation dolls. She loved several because they looked just like her, with straight brunette hair and pale skin. But I am unable to share a doll that looks like my youngest daughter, who's father is of Asian Indian descent.

There was only a single American Girl doll available in 2009 only, of Asian Indian descent, who can only be purchased through resale for many times retail cost. She was a friend of another girl who was the main character. Our Generation created one which can no longer be purchased. 

Those identifying themselves as Asian Indian account for over 4.8 million Americans. There are over 1 billion Asian Indians world wide! In the US they comprise a wonderful, beautiful, important, often underrepresented part of our population. Even our first female Vice President is the daughter of an Asian Indian mother. There are so many 18" dolls proudly representing those of all shades and ethnicities, and yet very few, and even fewer available for purchase, for those who are Asian Indian.

Please sign this petition to ask companies to represent all of us; all identities and all beautiful colors and ethnicities. All children deserve a doll that looks as beautiful as they are, and that doll shouldn't be a side kick, but a star. Please include all races when aiming to represent diversity because Our Generation and Our America are truly diverse and proud to be.