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Address the sweatshop conditions in your factories.

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Hu Nianzhen made toys for Mattel, yet her experience at the factory where she worked was anything but happy. Hu dealt with verbal abuse from superiors, was forced to work at rapid speeds and was threatened with losing her job. Eventually she committed suicide at the very same factory where she had worked for 2 years. Nianzhen is just one of hundreds of thousands of Chinese laborers suffering to make the toys we give to our children every day. We want Mattel to not only publicly address the labor violations taking place in their factories, but also provide a detailed action plan that will bring labor conditions in line with national laws and international standards.

We are China Labor Watch, and our goal is to ensure that the Chinese workers who make thousands of products for the American household enjoy the human and labor rights that are guaranteed to them. Currently this is not the case. Recently, we released a damning report revealing poor labor conditions in factories making Thomas the Tank Engine and other famous toys. Over 34 sets of violations were found at two of Mattel’s Chinese factories, including unpaid wages, overtime over three times the legal limit and lack of adequate breaks and safety gear.  These labor violations have been festering in Mattel’s factories in China for years; the same violations that contributed to Hu Nianzhen’s death.

Millions of Americans buy Mattel’s toys for their loved ones, especially around the holidays.Yet most parents have no idea the toys they are giving to their children have caused so much suffering and injustice.  

Today, some 85% of our toys come from China, from workers that make a little over a dollar an hour. Workers sleep packed in hot dorms often times with lax safety standards. These are not acceptable conditions for employees of one of America’s most beloved brands.

This holiday season ask yourself -- do the people who made the products that brought a smile to your child’s face deserve to feel that same happiness? Lets send a message to US toy makers that we want them to take action. Tell Mattel to publicly address the appalling working conditions of their Chinese employees and provide a detailed action plan that will bring labor conditions in line with national laws and international standards, so that their Chinese employees can also smile.

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