Roxborough needs completed, efficient and reliable roads to enter/exit community

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Problem with 2 years construction on Titan Road. With the development of Sterling Ranch Roxborough community has been inconvenienced by construction along Titan Road for over two years. We have had reduced speeds, cones, barrels and lane closures resulting in unexpected delays. Meanwhile, there are numerous miles of completed new streets within the Sterling Ranch development. Priority is not being given to completing construction or minimizing the impact of construction along Titan Road but rather to the internal streets within the housing development.

Currently, eastbound Titan Road at the traffic circle is an unreasonable traffic pattern that resembles a slalom course. The traffic pattern has been in place for the past week and only allows one lane to enter traffic circle (left of two lanes) requires changing to right lane in traffic circle to properly exit if continuing eastbound on Titan Rd and forces an exit into a right turn only lane back into Sterling Ranch development. This requires yet another lane change back to the left if continuing eastbound on Titan Rd. It is unreasonable to have this traffic pattern being left in place for a week. The majority of traffic entering the circle eastbound at Titan Rd. intends to continue eastbound on Titan Rd.

Solution to conclude construction on Titan and extend Waterton Road proactively. We ask that Douglas County Planning set a completion date for Titan Road improvements. Additionally, we ask that Douglas County require Waterton Road be extended prior to the building of houses within Sterling Ranch filing 3. The extension should not be attempted after the traffic has reached capacity. Nor should the extension be partially completed and then require future improvements that create further construction delays.

New stoplight at Titan Road and Santa Fe northbound on ramp and southbound off ramp is creating traffic problems and delays for Roxborough residents going north on Santa Fe. Numerous times since the installation of the stop light there have been problems with the timing which caused significant delays. It is especially troublesome in the morning commute hours when the eastbound traffic gets backed up all the way to the traffic circle on Titan Rd. The commute traffic also includes junior high and high school students who are all attending school in Highlands Ranch. Please have traffic engineers reevaluate how the light timing can be improved or two left turn lanes are required from Titan Rd. onto the northbound ramp to Santa Fe.

Simple improvements to Santa Fe southbound exit to Titan Rd. could improve the traffic flow significantly. There is currently one lane dedicated to right turn only from Santa Fe southbound onto Titan Rd. westbound. Rather than having this be a stop sign, it would be useful to change it to a yield with a dedicated lane to receive traffic on Titan Rd. westbound. There are two lanes westbound on Titan and it would only require a  minor change in the street lines to make the receiving lane dedicated to westbound traffic exiting Santa Fe.

Large housing developments require thoughtful planning and infrastructure be put in place prior to building houses. Thank you for allowing us to communicate our concerns. We look forward to working with Douglas County to see the road system improved.


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