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Prosecute travellers for breaking the law and fine them for damage and clean-up costs.

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In the Warwickshire area, in fact country-wide, travellers are able to set up sites on any public area and remain there for some time, normally at least a week. They are often threatening, noisy and abusive. They commit many crimes, including parking on public footpaths, breaking council property, threatening people and defecating on public land, causing a serious hazard to health. However, when local communities call the police, no action is taken to move them on or prosecute them for crimes. The police are in a position where they are powerless to act and the law therefore needs changing to facilitate this. When the travellers leave, taxpayers' money is spent on expensive clean up and repair operations.

Local people live in fear of what the travellers may do.  The police tell us to keep reporting any issues to them but when we do, no action is taken and they say they can do nothing without proof.  Residents have reported seeing the travellers toileting in public and still nothing is done.  Our human rights are not being protected and we are being exposed to health risks.

I would like to see travellers who break the law prosecuted in the same way that anyone who breaks that law would also be prosecuted. Furthermore, I would like to see them fined for the cost of cleaning up the mess they leave (including human excrement), and if they have been disruptive to an area, they should not be allowed to return.

I would like this petition presented to the government so that the laws can be changed nationwide.

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