Cut all ties with Breitbart News

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On December 21, 2017; Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow told CNN that he personally believed that Leigh Corfman, one of the women who claimed Roy Moore molested her, sounded credible. This came on the heels of Marlow's earlier disclosure on the December 14 edition of "Breitbart News Daily" that it went all in for Moore solely to protect Donald Trump.

Politically-motivated victim shaming is bad enough. But to engage in victim shaming when you have reason to believe an accuser is telling the truth is absolutely heinous.

Coming on the heels of revelations that Breitbart had no qualms about giving succor to Nazis, white supremacists, and white nationalists, it is clear beyond any doubt that there is no place for Breitbart in civilized discourse.

While the American Conservative Union disnivited Milo Yiannopoulos from the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference in the wake of his being caught on tape condoning pedophilia, it still allowed Steve Bannon to speak there even after it was known Bannon turned a blind eye to Yiannopoulos' trolling campaigns. Simply put, the ACU blew a chance to take a stand on what is acceptable in our politics. Matt Schlapp and the leadership of the ACU have a chance to make up for that error.

A publication that has no qualms about consorting with the worst people in the world has no place at CPAC. A publication that engages in a campaign of politically-motivated victim shaming against a woman that it believes might be telling the truth has no place at CPAC. Both together? If Schlapp and the ACU have anything left in them, they will cut all ties with Breitbart and kick them out of CPAC 2018.