Keep RMS Health Teacher Kory Rorabaugh in our district!

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Beloved, Mrs Kory Rorabaugh, long time RMS Health teacher, received a RIF (REDUCTION IN FORCE) notice this week, after it was approved by the Revere School Board.  This was very unexpected. The RIF is effective at the end of this school year. 

The RIF was a big shock, because the Administration, specifically Matt Montgomery , publicly told the PE teachers that there would be no reduction in the department for the First year of the implementation of accepting alternative PE credits.  The first year would be the 2018-9 school year.

Although there may not currently be a need for the current level of PE instruction at the HS level, there is a need, specifically, for  Kory to be the Health teacher at the Middle School.  Middle School is such an important time, to have Kory as their teacher for lessons on some of the most important topics that can impact the teenage years.  (sex education, safety and first aid, health and mental health issues, weight management and exercise, hygiene, nutrition, etc ).

In addition it is important, particularly at RMS, to have a FEMALE Health teacher.  Currently the administration is all Male, as is the actual PE teachers.   It is crucial for RMS to provide our students with a strong, trusted and involved Female Role model during these critical and formative years.

Kory is certified in Health and PE, K-12, 19 years in teaching, 15 years at RMS as the Health teacher.  She is TENURED.

·         She also is the High School Varsity Girls Track Coach,

·         She is also the 7th grade girl's basketball coach,

·         She is the WEB Coordinator,

·         She was also VP of the Teachers Union during the Levy

·         She is a Revere Alum,  Revere Hall of Famer and Current Revere Parent. 

·         Apple Certified and has a Masters in Education.

    ***Kory is TENURED but has less years than other PE in district who are tenured:

There are other options for the School Board to Consider:

1)      Very likely, one of the teachers listed above will be retiring next year.      

2)      One teacher has Dual Certification- Special Ed/Intervention and there is an expected opening at RMS.

3)      Create a Position for Kory to be the Health Education Liaison for the district.

4)    Hold off this suspension until 2019-2020, as promised to the department earlier this year.

5)      Encourage HS students to take 1-2 trimesters of gym even if they are in band or academics.

Please sign this petition, pass it along and write your letter of support to the School Board and Matt Montgomery : Also attend the April 17th Board Meeting at 6:30.

Matt Montgomery, Superintendent :

George Seifert  Board Member President, Legislative Liaison, Student Achievement Liaison,

Dana Appel Board Member Vice President, Finance & Audit Committee Representative,

Claudia Hower Board Member Finance & Audit Committee Representative, CVCC Representative and Member,

Chris Kostoff Board Member, Facilities and Grounds Committee Representative,

Diana Sabitsch  Board Member, Facilities and Grounds Committee Representative, 

Thank you.