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Matt Monarch, Dave Wolfe & Daniel Vitalis RE: Selling Deer Antler Extract, Deer Placenta and Colostrum

This petition is important because people are being exploited and animals are suffering due to the sale of these cruel products. The individuals mentioned have sold these products for years and are all now multi-millionaires. It's time they opened their hearts and allow the animals to live in peace.

Letter to
The Raw Food World Matt Monarch
David Wolfe
David Wolfe
and 4 others
Matt Monarch
David Wolfe
Daniel Vitalis
David Wolfe
Please stop selling Velvet Deer Antler Extract, Deer Placenta and Colostrum. These products are cruel and unnecessary. We, the public, are sick and tired of this exploitation and we ask you to please stop immediately. Due to the sale of these 'products' many people are not supporting your stores anymore therefore it's best for your reputation and long term sales to remove them. We look forward to peace being restored to the Raw Food World. The ball is firmly in your court, you now have the power to be courageous and do the right thing. We will not give up, we will be waiting.

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