Overhaul of National Police Check

Overhaul of National Police Check

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Dean Gallagher started this petition to Matt Martin and

Thousands of Australians are missing out on jobs due to not getting a police clearance. 

Meanwhile foreign workers with no traceable criminal history take our jobs willy nilly.

The crap that comes up on these police checks is ridiculous and not fair. 

Only serious convictions should be released in my opinion .

I willingly give my police check results to employers and hope they can overlook the silly charges ( no convictions I'll add ).

But some companies can not employ you if you don't have the clearance. 

This is affecting my livelihood and mental state so I'm making a stand.

This is an email I sent to our local MP searching for help.

Hi Peter,

Sorry for ambushing you today outside the office firstly,  thank you for listening. 
I've attached my police check for your perusal. 
I think we need an overhaul of the system as I believe it is costing thousands of Australians employment. 
I'm not sure how to go about getting this done but I am dead set passionate about Australia and getting a fair go at any employment I seek.
The thought of losing employment to people from overseas with untraceable criminal history drives me crazy and to have petty cases come up on my check is ridiculous.  
Victoria police have been no help whatsoever. 
Since being in Esperance I have missed out on 3 jobs because of this report. 
Australia Post - Motorcycle Postie 
Woolworths- Cleaner
Puma Service Station - Console Operator. 
I'm at a loss at what to do.
I would gladly fight Victoria Police in court as the 2 pending cases are both rubbish and they know it. And the caution I received in 1993, why does that have to be on the report? I was 19. I am an honest person who has never been convicted of anything and gladly paid every parking or speeding fine I've received. 
I know I am not alone as I've met so many people in my travels experiencing the same drama and with police checks becoming the norm for almost every job now I'm roadblocked and feel helpless. This has taken it's toll on me to the point I have been on medication for the last few months to keep battling away everyday.
Thank you for listening Mate , I've come to you as my last resort as I'm at my wits end and can't see a future for me under these circumstances. 

Dean Gallagher 

Please help! This is an absolute joke and has nothing to do with anyones safety it's just another money grab! As we know these checks aren't free!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!