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equality in schools

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Recently at Frankfort Senior High School, in Frankfort, IN, many girl students have been told to cover themselves up, because of the clothing they are wearing. For example, crop tops are a very trendy thing to wear nowadays, and they're not revealing explicit parts of the body. The only thing they show is the naval. Another example is, off the shoulder tops, once again they are very trendy. And something that many girls have in their closets. What I want to know is why girls are being told to change out of these clothes, and forced to put a jacket on. Why are the girls being told they should be ashamed of themselves? Why are they being told to cover up their: stomach, thighs, and shoulders? Why are we teaching girls that what they wear is more important than their education? Why do all these girls have to worry about showing too much of their skin because they don't want to get dress coded for "distracting boys". When we do this, we're telling girls that the classroom is for boys, and they can only be there if they don't "distract" them. There is nothing sexy about a stomach, shoulders, or thighs. Those are all things that every human is born with, no matter the gender. And the worst part is, is that this whole dress code thing just started this year, without telling any of the students before school started. So when everyone was going school clothes shopping, none of us knew that we wouldn't be able to wear half of the things we bought. Last year, crop tops, off the shoulder tops, and ripped jeans were not a problem. So we all had the same intentions of the dress code when we walked into school on the first day. The dresscode last year was "no hats or hoods on, and no undergarments showing". In the new 2017-2018 school handbook, the dress code section says "STUDENTS MAY FOLLOW THE STYLE OF THE DAY, AS LONG AS NO UNDERGARMENTS ARE SHOWING". Please explain to me what the "style of the day" is. Not to mention, that none of the students got a copy of the school handbook, and for those who don't have internet access, have no way of seeing it. Also, on the second day of the new school year, every grade had a class meeting, where the new principal discussed the dress code and these were her exact words, "Ladies, as long as the TOP and BOTTOM are covered, you're fine". Once again, off the shoulder tops, crop tops, and ripped jeans do not expose any explicit parts of the female anatomy. Our goal is for the girls and boys dress code to be equal, and not to treat the girls like they're objects.

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