Wipe our health students debt as they help the NHS during the Covid 19 pandemic

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Our nursing, midwifery and other health students are being asked to remain in clinical placement to assist the NHS during the Covid 19 pandemic, all universities lectures have stopped. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) are stating these students will no longer be supernumerary (as nursing, midwifery and health students are until qualified) and work on an emergency NMC register.

These students are one of very few cohorts to pay full university fees without financial support, students before and after them for many years had this course paid for from the government. These students have trained intensively, and will have tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt; to work for the NHS. The very least the government can do is wipe the debt for these students we will come to relay on in this time of need.

As an NHS midwife I can only imagine how these students will feel, coming up to qualifying and been asked to step up and support the NHS workforce in this uncertain time, well we should support them also and sign to wipe their debt!