Stop immigration charge for NHS staff

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This is dreadful, just when we need NHS staff the Home Office is punishing them  with charges. See this recent tweet(some details have been removed):-

"I am a qualified doctor working in NHS for 2 yrs. I have been doing extra shifts to help with the COVID19 crisis. I have been asked by @ukhomeoffice to pay £1200 immigration health surcharge to stay in UK for 3 more years even though I pay taxes&NI"

The Government has been extremely slow to respond to this crisis and there are not enough staff, or equipment, to ensure that lives are not lost needlessly.  This Home Office action will make things far worse than they should be.  There is no sign of joined up thinking here.  They want to bring retired medics back whilst pushing out ones already skilled and working for the NHS, beyond belief.

Lets send a strong message that this has to stop.