Drop Tickbox bureaucracy in the NHS

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!

This petition requests HM Government to:

1. Permanently abandon all form-filling and bureaucratic processes that, to gain efficiency, have been abandoned during the COVID-19 pandemic. The efficiencies gained during this crisis must be embedded for the long term.

2. That monies saved through such a reduction in bureaucratic processes be re-directed to better funding of front line services


"Decisions that used to take months or even years because of endless, pointless form-filling and meetings are now made in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.” This is the new NHS under COVID-19 according to Dr Max Pemberton. One doctor we know was told by managers that sudden freedom was because NHS staff are “adults” and can be trusted to make the right decisions on the spot.

We agree! But we also believe that NHS staff were adults before COVID-19 and will be adults after. And if decisions can be made in minutes now, why not always?

It makes absolute sense to lift the burden of tickboxing targets – 30,000 of which constrain the efforts of staff in north-west London alone – and which have caused such wastage of time and money in the health service in recent years.

Every week, millions of people are out applauding NHS staff for their courage and hard work during the pandemic. We also applaud them for making things happen more efficiently and effectively once freed from the crushing bureaucracy.

It is time that HM Government stops infantilising NHS staff and started treating them with the respect and trust they have shown, throughout this crisis, that they richly deserve .

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