Release the Medicine of 5 year old Indie Rose

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Indie Rose is a 5 year old girl with a rare form of epilepsy called dravet syndrome drug resistant epilepsy.

Her devoted parents have fought and campaigned for her to receive a NHS prescription for the cannabis oil that she needs. They have been made to jump through hoops and have been made promises by Matt Hancock the Health Minister that he would do everything in his power to help Indie. For the past year they have worked tirelessly and raised money so that they can buy this medicine in Holland via a private prescription from a Uk Doctor.

The medicine has had a remarkable effect on indies life and the number of seizers she has. Which has decreased from 50 to 9 per month. Sadly her father was stopped at stanstead airport on Friday 26th of July returning from Holland and had her medicine seized and it’s now being held by the Home Office. 

She has 5 days of the medicine left and then her parents fear that her seizures will become more regular and more aggressive.

How would Matt Hancock and the rest of our government feel if this was one of there loved ones?

Please help us get Indie Rose her medicine back. 

There is coverage online and this story was on itv news if you my wish to know more.

Thank you for your support.