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Record and publish daily figures for care home deaths from Covid 19

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 It is essential that the deaths of people in care homes are published alongside deaths in the NHS in the daily government briefings to the public.

The government currently publishes figures for deaths in hospitals from Covid 19. These are included in the daily government briefings. However, the figure for deaths in care homes are not. They are buried within the weekly number of deaths outside hospitals.

People in care homes are part of the responsibility of the Department for Health and Social Care and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matthew Hancock. Vulnerable people who die in care homes are just as important as everybody else. Moreover, they and their carers are part of a health care system controlled by the government. People in care homes are  being kept out of hospitals by design and therefore out of the government figures. 

Many care homes and care workers report that current PPE guidance is inadequate and also report shortages of PPE. In addition, testing for Covid 19 in relation to both the staff and new and existing residents in care homes is still inadequate.

The figures from several countries show that there are often more deaths in care homes than in both hospitals and people's own homes combined. For example, in Spain this figure is 57% of all deaths. These deaths should not be invisible

Without the figures from care homes, the public cannot understand the true extent or nature of the current crisis or assess the governments' handling of it. Nor willl the government be under sufficient pressure to resolve the current issues faced by care home workers, residents, and care homes themselves.

The government must collect and record, daily, the number of care home deaths from suspected Covid 19. These figures should be published and announced alongside deaths in hospitals during the government briefings to the public.

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