Save Northamptonshire Libraries

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The people of Northamptonshire have no confidence in the management of the Northamptonshire Library Service and the management of First For Wellbeing in being able to deliver a sustainable reorganised library service that delivers an effective offer to users.

Furthermore we believe that going forward the greatest asset of the service ie the staff, who have for a number of years been treated very poorly, will continue to suffer through unwarranted job losses and pay freezes whilst still trying to deliver a level of service that users need and deserve.

It is those people who work in communities and deal with people face to face every day who provide the back bone of the service.

We call for investigation into the management structure and employee numbers within the management structures of both First For Wellbeing and the Northamptonshire Library Service to determine if the current management have the skills required to devise and implement an effective reorganisation of the service and if they will be able to manage the service effectively going forward.

This must happen as a matter of urgency before irrevocable decisions are made.