HPV vaccination for boys aged 14+

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Peter Baker
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Boys aged 14+ are unfairly excluded from the HPV vaccination programme.

This leaves them at risk of HPV-caused cancers of the penis, anus, head and neck. 

Girls in the UK have been vaccinated since 2008. HPV vaccination for boys aged 12/13 started in September 2019. (In Scotland, boys and girls are vaccinated at 11/12 years.)

But older boys will remain unprotected even though they are at exactly the same risk of the cancers caused by HPV as the 12/13 year olds who will be vaccinated.

This is bad news for the health of boys and men. It's also bad news for the NHS which will in the future have to pay for the treatment of preventable cancers.

This petition calls on Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health, to introduce a catch-up vaccination programme for boys aged 14 and over as soon as possible. 

It's not too late for the government to take the action needed to protect ALL boys against the cancers caused by HPV.