Lower the lab testing criteria for chronic Urinary Tract Infections.

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You feel like you have a urine infection so your GP sends off a urine sample to the lab for testing only for the test to come back negative or contaminated. You are then sent on your way with either a 3 day course of antibiotics or nothing at all and still in pain, sound familiar?

Millions of people all over the world from children right through to the elderly are being failed by this standard lab testing, which has not been updated since the 1950's. The criteria has been arbitrarily set far too high meaning your infected urine sample would need to show at the minimum 40 white blood cells (Leucocytes) per unit of urine, for it to pass the first stage of lab testing yet you can have a hugely painful and heavily embedded Infection at just 5 of these cells per unit of urine.

Not only that, but even if it reaches the threshold of 40 cells and it goes forward for culture, if more than 2 bacteria are detected, the sample is discarded and labelled as contaminated despite it being perfectly possible to have multiple bacteria present, especially in recurrent or heavily embedded infections.  This means the patient is back to square 1.

Criteria needs to be lowered and testing needs to be updated. Recurrent or embedded infections, and antibiotic resistance are massively on the rise with over 20,000 samples a day being tested, which means millions are currently suffering. Too many people worldwide are affected by this debilitating condition where their urine infections are then turning chronic because they’ve either not received the right antibiotics, they haven't received them for long enough, or have been refused treatment altogether, leaving them bed bound and in constant pain.

Please sign my petition and help millions of UTI sufferers get the adequate testing that’s needed to diagnose a urinary tract infection, and help us get our lives back.