Give unpaid carers COVID-19 vaccination parity with paid health and social care workers

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I care full-time for both my wife, who has early onset Alzheimer’s, and daughter (Down’s Syndrome and diabetes) and while they may get the vaccine soon, I will have to wait. If I get the illness, what will happen to the people I care for?

While I appreciate there are many people who urgently need the vaccination, I believe the legion of carers who look after their loved ones need to receive the vaccine as soon as possible to be able to continue their invaluable jobs.

There are hundreds of people like me in Hertfordshire, and millions around the country. Unpaid carers save the economy £132 billion a year, according to Carers UK.

We are not looking for special treatment, just a parity of understanding from authorities.

Carers in Hertfordshire are backing this petition, and we hope to urge all MPs in the county, along with leading County Councillors and National Health Service CEOs to add their backing.

There should be an acceptance that carers, who in many cases, feel under-appreciated and even invisible, need to get the vaccine sooner rather than later, to protect those we spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week caring for.