A better care system for people leaving hospital going home to unsuitable accommodation

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Throughout this country there are millions of people being deprived of their basic human rights under the so called Health & Social Care system. The stories are endless where families have begged for things to give their loved one a better quality of life yet the systems response is.. they just don’t qualify for that!!! Our elderly generation especially are being put into unsafe accommodations, not being given the care and support they want and need because everything just comes down to funding!! These people have paid into the system for years and years but when their time comes to get something back their circumstances and dire situations are being ignored!!
My friends Mother today, was evicted from Stroud Hospital and even threatened that the police would be called to escort her off the premises if she didn’t leave!! This was because my friend has refused her discharge. She already had a failed discharge from another hospital and safeguarding issue raised by a paramedic when he realised the situation she had been put in. My friends Mother is now wheelchair bound following a complete right leg amputation and with no use of her left leg. She lives in a first floor council flat with no lift, the doorways are too narrow for her wheelchair to pass through so she is trapped in the living room waiting for her carer visits!! Even though there was a previous failed discharge and a Safeguarding issue raised, my friends Mother nor my friend were involved in any discharge planning meetings. There was no reassessment of her living conditions.. they had a meeting behind closed doors and decided that she can just go back there! My friend fought and fought with everything she had, She contacted her local MP’s office and a case worker was making calls on her behalf and agreed with my friend that the situation wasn’t safe and she shouldn’t go there but to emergency respite or reablement ward while the living situation was resolved with the council. Even they were unable to put a stop to her discharge today!!
There is nowhere we can go to fight these people and their decisions about our loved ones and it’s just wrong!! Someone needs to realise that these people deserve to maintain their dignity and sanity not have it stripped from them by a system that is supposed to promote this!!
Together as a country.. we need to fight this system and get better treatment for everyone that needs it!! The pen pushers that make these decisions can probably afford private care for their loved ones!! NOW THEY NEED TO DO WHATS RIGHT FOR THE REST OF US!!!