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Make Lisa Simpson Vegan

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We all remember the fantastic episode "Lisa The Vegetarian" in Season 7 where Lisa transitions to a vegetarian diet after meeting a sweet baby lamb. The reason for this transition was actually an agreement between Paul McCartney and The Simpsons creators. Paul stated that he would only guest star on the show if Lisa remained vegetarian. And luckily, they agreed!

Since that episode, The Simpsons has made some fantastic references to vegans and vegetarians through out the years. And in the process, they have raised so much awareness. We all know how powerful the media is, and how influenced we are by television and film, even if subconsciously.

However, times are changing. Vegetarian was once the most humane way one could live but society has now been exposed to the truth about dairy, eggs and even honey.

The Simpsons may not have the same viewings that it once had, but it is considered one of the greatest television shows of all time, and as a result, has so much power.

The show is also constantly moving along to keep with the times. There are constant mentions of social media, current singers and bands and all sorts of other modern day parodies.

The time has come for Lisa Simpson to finally make that all important transition. Especially as she has the support of Apu, who is already vegan. She has even mentioned it in passing when conversing with her vegan friend Jesse, during the episode "Lisa The Tree Hugger".

It would only make sense to embrace the continual modern day themes, parodies and references, and since our own world is seeing a heavy rise in veganism, why not update Lisa's own lifestyle and take her the whole way?

The final reason that this would make perfect sense, is to serve as a tribute to fellow Simpsons co creator Sam Simon. For those who don't know, Sam tragically lost his battle to colon cancer in 2015 at age 59. Sam was so much more than just a Simpsons writer. He was a passionate vegan, actvist and animal advocate, and I truly believe that nothing would please him more than to see his own character making the transition.

If you, too, would like to see this, then please sign and share this petition. Let's help this to reach Matt Groening and the other writers!

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