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Stop Bill H.R.861 and Termination of The Environmental Protection Agency

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WE THE PEOPLE demand that Congress get back to working for us and not their special-interest, corporate donors. Sign this petition and send a loud, collective, and undeniable message to Washington that WE THE PEOPLE demand our health and the health of our environment takes priority over big industry profits.

WE THE PEOPLE want Congress to stop working on actions that benefit corporations while causing major, long-term problems for life on this planet. We understand that our current decisions could shape the environment for generations of Americans to come. We want Congress to support healthy, balanced, and sustainable methods that allow Americans to conserve and coexist with the environment instead of cutting regulations completely and leaving future generations to deal with the consequences.

On Feb 3, 2017, one month after being sworn into his first term, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced house bill H.R.861 - To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency. The entire bill is just one sentence long and it reads: "The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018." Gaetz claims abolishing the EPA and allowing state politicians to select environmental regulations would be beneficial, but beneficial to whom? Coincidentally (or not), Gaetz has received substantial monetary donations dating back to 2012 from companies that would directly benefit from decreased environmental regulations and the overall abolishment of the EPA.

WE THE PEOPLE do not trust that politicians, who are in the pockets of their special-interest corporate donors, will put the health of our environment and the health of the American people above the interests of their funders, as politicians have proved time and time again that their loyalties and service lie with their donors.

WE want Congress to do their jobs serving and representing what is in the best interest of all their constituents, not just their wealthy and powerful donors.

WE want Congress to keep the EPA.

WE want Congress to allow the EPA to use the full knowledge and expertise of the scientific community to protect this one home that we all share.

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