Expel Nancy Pelosi From Office

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This petition is to expel Nancy Pelosi from the House of Representatives.

We have started this petition to show our representatives that the American people are tired of Nancy Pelosi and no longer wish to have her in our house any longer. It is not the people's fault that she has bullied San Francisco around and never had a challenger to her position but IT IS TIME FOR NANCY TO GO!

We need a Speaker Of The House that holds the American people's best interest. If you are tired of Nancy Pelosi profiting off her position as Speaker, bullying other politicians to get her way or putting her political agenda above the American people then please feel free to sign our petition.

If you think we would be better off without Nancy Pelosi at the helm of the House of Representatives please sign our petition so we can show the representatives that work for us they need to file Articles of Expulsion against Pelosi and let the bipartisan House Ethics Committee deal with her crimes and remove her.

America can not sit back and continue to let her play dictator, the perfect example to what she will continue to do already exists. Look at the shape she has put San Francisco in. If we continue to keep Pelosi in office she will continue destroying this country like she has done to her own town.

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