NO Oil or Gas Rigs Off the NSW Central Coast!

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The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) has approved seismic testing which, if it pleases foreign oil and gas corporations, will lead to the establishment of untold numbers of oil and gas rigs in sight of our beautiful NSW Central Coast and will, if earlier international experiences are to be learned from, result in:

i) Very little-to-zero local job creation as corporations tend to bring their own skilled labour and executives

ii) Very little-to-zero extra gas for Australians as most Australian gas is sold to foreign importers (corporations) with long-term contracts (source: Reserve Bank). That is, these foreign corporations sell Australian gas for bigger foreign profits in foreign countries, thus forcing up our gas prices here in Australia

iii) Oil rig spills with catastrophic effects on our beaches, sea-life and waterways, including the annual migration of whales

iv) Gas rig flame-outs endangering workers’ lives … and our beaches, sea-life and waterways, including the annual migration of whales

v) Boating accidents to threaten our beaches, sea-life, and waterways, including the annual migration of whales

vi) Oil and gas rigs to despoil our attraction as a tourist destination … and thus COSTING local jobs.

In addition, preliminary exploration for offshore gas shale in Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP 11) has been approved by the Authority despite the total absence of any consultation with the Central Coast beach and coast-using community, or the Central Coast fishing and sea-life community, or the Central Coast Council.

This neglect of any consultation is both outrageous and undemocratic, especially as the body empowered to authorise this atrocity is charged with the assuring the SAFETY of the environment.

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