Enclosing the main football pitch at Peter Lightfoot Oval

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For more than a decade now, the working class men and women of St. Catherines Football Club have sacrificed their Sunday morning sleep-ins, dinners with the in-laws and money out of their own back pocket in a tremendous effort to keep the club on it's feet. Logistically speaking, running the community's largest sporting club is quite a demanding task. However, enduring the manual labour of maintaining a 100mx80m field from week to week is a whole different ball game. 

What's the issue?
At the beginning of every calendar year, there is a real buzz around the club. Without fail, our very own Jimmy Robbins transforms a goalmouth that resembles a long-jump pit into a smooth, professional surface. The luscious lawn landscape is slowly but surely turned into Middle Park's very own beach and this is where the reconstruction cycle begins.  

What can be done?
Senior players and stuff have thought about what can be done to prevent the public from unintentionally destroying our playing surface on an annual basis. The solutions are quite simple: 

  • Enclose the main playing field with a fence 
  • Implement clear signage prohibiting public use

We are all for community participation in social sports and understand that Peter Lightfoot oval is accessible to the public. However, we believe something can be done to benefit everyone and help preserve roughly 1/4 of public space. 

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Sincerely, every member that pays top dollar to play for this club. 


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