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Stop the Sandhill Crane Hunt in Kentucky

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The estimated breeding pairs were reduced to only 25 pairs in the 1930's. Since that time hunting bans and habitat protection have helped Sandhill Crane populations to slowly recover. The average age for the first successful breeding is 4 years old. Some pairs take as long as eight years to produce a single chick (these are called "Colts"). A 22-year study showed that out of every ten nests only one Colt will survive! These are migratory birds, and we will be rallying residents of all states that Sandhill Cranes visit to get involved. These are not challenging to hunt, they stand and look at you, so it is barbaric. Also, They mate for life. That isn't the mating-for life like Bald Eagles who mate for life or until their partner dies. Then, they move to another partner. Cranes mate for life and do not find a second partner with whom they mate should their original partner die. Consequently, killing ONE Sand Hill Crane kills generations of that lineage. It is unacceptable, irresponsible, and must be stopped. There is no reason to hunt Sandhill cranes! This hunt has to stop! These beautiful creatures belong to all of us...not just Kentucky! We have to let the governor, senators and representatives of Kentucky know we are watching them destroy these graceful beauties and the people of America are tired of watching animals & birds become extinct one at a time!

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