Save Passport Health Plan

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Governor Bevin,

As Kentucky’s only non-profit, provider-sponsored health plan, Passport Health Plan has a long track record of connecting Kentucky’s most vulnerable population with the care they need, while working with the provider community to ensure long-term stability in the healthcare system.

As concerned Kentuckians, we respectfully ask your administration to work with Passport Health Plan to ensure the health and wellbeing of Passport’s 315,000 members and the long-term stability and viability of the West Louisville community.

Last year, Passport announced its plan to build a state-of-the-art Health and Wellbeing Campus in West Louisville. It will bring Passport closer to the members they serve. It will create new opportunities to improve health outcomes and health literacy. In partnership with several other well-established, respected Louisville institutions, the project will deliver valuable resources to a community desperately in need of support and solutions. It also will bring jobs to one of the most underserved areas of Kentucky.

Sadly, with Passport’s fate now up in the air, the hope, excitement, and optimism we all felt when the news was first announced has been replaced with uncertainty and fear.

We are very concerned that the steps this administration is taking will cause great harm to the healthcare community in Louisville and Passport’s 315,000 members. The new rate structure, which cut rates significantly in the Louisville area, is unsustainable. It will hurt the citizens of West Louisville who rely on Passport for the care and treatment they need to be healthy.

Governor, please come to the negotiating table with Passport to find a path forward for Passport Health Plan and the West Louisville community. We’re praying that you will put politics aside and do what is best for Kentucky.